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To fundamentally transform current business intelligence and research practices, AMPLYFI draws upon its founders’ deep experience in the fields of artificial intelligence and corporate strategic thinking

Hover over our experts to see how artificial intelligence sees them in the context of their favourite pieces of art:

Chris Ganje

CEO & Co-founder

Chris is the driving force behind AMPLYFI's vision, strategy and growth. He led AMPLYFI's rise from initial concept through to a leader in European digital innovation. Prior to launching AMPLYFI, Chris worked for BP plc where he held a variety of roles spanning technology, strategy, operations and finance; most recently responsible for leading the Group's disruptive technology work. Before joining BP, Chris led a start-up focused on developing wind power projects in Bangalore, India. Chris is a fellow at Cambridge University's Centre for Science and Policy, holds an MSc in Politics from Edinburgh University and a BA in History from the State University of New York, New Paltz College.

Mark Woods

CTO & Co-founder

Mark oversees the technical strategy of AMPLYFI, and is dedicated to ensuring that the company continues to scale and innovate its products and services. Before founding AMPLYFI, Mark was Head of Business Planning and Major Programmes at British Telecom. Before joining British Telecom, Mark was Principle Consultant at a technology strategy firm where he developed and commercialised a series of novel software solutions. Trained at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and the Royal Marines Commando Training Centre, Mark spent the first decade of his career as a British Army Engineering Officer specialising in surveillance and counter surveillance techniques as well as new capability introduction.

Dr. Odin Taylor

Chief Machine Intelligence Architect & Co-founder

Odin leads the commercialisation and continuous improvement of AMPLYFI's suite of AI-based products. Odin has 25 years of experience in applied artificial intelligence gained in academia, industry and entrepreneurship. Before joining AMPLYFI, he was Lead Solutions Architect at a global industrial engineering firm. Odin has patented and commercialised a wide variety of artificial intelligence applications ranging from video games to robotics control systems. Odin holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sunderland.

Dr. Yunus Saatchi

Chief AI Officer & Co-founder

Yunus is responsible for designing AMPLYFI's fundamental AI with a specific focus on Deep Learning, neural networks and intelligent Deep Web harvesting. Based in San Francisco, Yunus works for AMPLYFI from Uber's AI Lab. Prior to AMPLYFI, Yunus held positions at a number of Silicon Valley’s most prominent startups. He holds a PhD in Machine Learning from Cambridge University and an MSc in Informatics from Edinburgh University.

Ian Jones

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder

With 25 years' experience in natural resource technologies spanning industry and government, Ian is responsible for formulating AMPLYFI’s long term vision and strategy. As product owner for DataVoyant™, he is integral to its continual development. Prior to founding AMPLYFI, he worked at BP plc where he developed the Group’s global technology and commercialisation strategies as well as BP’s Global Resource Base assessment, one of the most comprehensive views of the world’s primary energy resource base. He has held a number of analytical, commercial and leadership roles across BP and is a regular guest lecturer at Oxford, Cambridge and Tsinghua universities.


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